ISLAMABAD - Hanif Abbasi, PML-N MNA, has assured the children of the missing persons that his party would make efforts for the release of their parents. He said this while addressing the children of the missing persons at a protest sit-in held on Thursday in front of the Parliament House. Earlier, the children of the missing persons took out a protest demonstration from Jinnah Avenue and reached the Parliament House where they held a sit-in in protest against the detention of the missing persons. Hanif Abbasi also urged the government to take all possible steps for the release of these 'honourable citizens' who were sold to foreign agencies by Musharraf for dollars. He said that many of them are languishing in Gauntanamo Bay, Bagram and other secret CIA detention centres in remote Islands. Abbasi further said that he was ready to pay for the release of the missing persons more than the US paid earlier to Pervez Musharraf for their arrest. Amina Masood Janjua, Chairperson Defence of Human Rights also spoke on the occasion and said that there were more than 300 detention centers operating under secret agencies across the country. She regretted that more than 15000 people are illegally detained in these centres. She urged the government to take concrete steps for immediate release of the thousands of illegally detained persons from the clutches of the ruthless agencies. She said that the new US President Barrack Obama has taken commendable steps and ordered closure of the Gauntanamo prison as well as end of torture and secret detentions cells established and operated by CIA. "We urge the Pakistani government too to act immediately and show a gesture of good will by ordering closure of illegal centers and secret torture cells existing all over the country", she said. Amina informed the gathering that the persons who have been released from such detention centers are suffering from serious diseases like tuberculosis, hepatitis and cancer. She regretted that owing to torture and unhygienic condition, most of them were unable to continue their normal life. "Their families are facing grave financial problems, as they have no more jobs and their businesses have been ruined," Amina said. The children of the missing persons handed over beautifully painted "Cards of Appeal" to the parliamentarians there and asked the government to release their loved ones. They also distributed cards inscribed with slogans like 'Release Our Loved Ones' 'Release My Father, My Mother' among the Parliamentarians. Apart from the families of the missing persons, a large number of politicians, legal fraternity, students, young professionals and representatives of civil society and women took part in the sit-in.