Inter-provincial harmony and coordination is very subtle and sensitive subject. Many problems and conflicts stem out from this platform as well as can be resolved amicably if this forum is strong. This subject is equally important from social, economic and political point of view for our leaders and top policy makers and can be promoted on sound footings channalising through various institutions in the country if Establishment Division and major leading private educational and business institutions of the country set a criteria for its officers as well as officials having knowledge of speaking as well as writing of any two of the regional languages other than their mother or native language, especially, Pashto. Balochi, and Sindhi languages as a compulsory part of service eligibility, which may be in the beginning of their carrier or at early mid carrier stage. The officers and officials having such eligibility background should be awarded extra marks for this efficiency at promotion stage. For example, if a person from Punjab has the ability to speak and write Pashtu or Balochi, which are considered difficult languages, when he is posted in the provinces other than Punjab, he can easily communicate in the office and in the concerned communities. In this way the feelings of harmony, brotherhood and love automatically emerge for the people of other provinces. Languages lead someone to the depth of its relevant literature and traditions as well as the people. One can easily understand the people and their problems in the backdrop of their geographical topography and characteristics. By taking such initiatives at government and private level we can lessen provincial isolation, and regional and linguistic narrow-mindedness which is damaging us for the last five decades. Can we take such radical and various gap bridging steps for our national unity and survival in the comity of nations in the world.-SABA GUL, Islamabad, via e-mail, January 17.