KARACHI - The revenue growth in the hotel industry has steeply dropped by 45 percent in the backdrop of global recession and persisting bad law and order situation. However, the growth in the occupancy of five star hotels has been improved despite few negative developments. A representative of the leading int'l brand hotel of the metropolis, while talking to The Nation said that there had been an up-down turn in the hotel industry, the trend led to 45pc of growth. The major factors resulting in the down turn have been global recession and it lessened tourist attraction. But the major cause has been the terrorist incidents that have greatly shook the hotel industry in the sub-continent, i.e. the blast of Islamabad Marriott and the Mumbai carnage at Taj. Hotels are feeling the recession, and recent industry projections show that this might be an extended stay. The business of hospitality in terms of hotel and tourism has greatly suffered due to the recent past incidents of terrorism and global recession that hit the global industry hard enough, so hard that Pakistani economy has not generated enough revenue from hotel business and tourism and the on-going preceding changes are no where in sight in the coming future either. After a few flush years, hotel owners and nationwide operators are considering to shorten the projects. Consumers are holding onto their cash and travelling less, while companies have cut back on business trips and events. Speaking about the downturn to this scribe, "Terrorism has greatly de-stabilised the economical fertility of hoteling such as the Marriott blast and the Mumbai carnage incident, the off shoots of the incidents forced the foreign tourism industry to suffer extensively as it had great impact on the law and order situation in the country and hotel business is no more secure from its impact." "The most hurting indicator in the hotel business is the insecurity for the business travellers; who were frequent visitors to the country and the major source of hike in the economical graph, though the local people often arrive for hi-tea or for leisure; but the scenario could not be changes unless the foreign travelers are promised to enjoy a comfortable visits as it were in the earlier years." Recession, the prevalence of non-state actors in terrorism and the down turn in the local law, order have subjected a great downfall in the hotel business. Not only the hotel business has suffered greatly, but tourism; a benchmark of economy has also lost its value.