Swat-based veteran politician Afzal Khan Lala has urged Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani to take concrete steps aimed at eliminating impression among the area people that Taliban and Pak Army are two faces of the same coin. Afzal Khan Lala expressed such views in a meeting with COAS when the later has visited Swat on Wednesday. Talking to the BBC on Thursday, Lala said: "I have told the COAS that most of the Swat residents are close to believing in the notion that Pak Army and Taliban are one and the same. So, the COAS should take concrete steps to wipe out this impression." According to him, he told the Army Chief that army had done a good job recently by killing Taliban elements in areas of Tehsil Matta, Bara Banda and Nangaloi. "I have told the COAS that in first instance it should be determined as to what was the issue. According to me, the real issue is that Taliban have challenged the writ of the government and that the state should first re-establish its writ in the area." He said the government should protect pro-state elements whom Taliban wanted to slaughter. Army should not describe itself as an impartial being, rather, it should protect those who back military personnel in the area as army is here as one of the parties, he added. Lala said that Army Chief did not talk much during most time of the meeting. Kayani, however, said that he was aware of the situation and that he would correct the situation soon. "You people would soon realise the impact," he added.