The PPP is trying to steer the country out of a critical phase. The wisdom that has been employed by the President and the Prime Minister is evident from their consensus on demarcation of powers between their two offices. This would lead to a clarification in the duties and responsibilities of the two leaders. The President has already been roped in to solve the mess left by the previous government. He has proven his finesse as a leader despite the assassination of his wife and the onslaught of propagandists. His mettle had been questioned by many but he has risen above controversies every time. The government has been busy in formulating such policies that would not only strengthen the important institutions of the country but would also allow the rule of law to flourish in the country. For this purpose, many dedicated and loyal citizens of the country have been put in the positions of power and great responsibility to mould the administrative machinery into shape. It is hoped that the government will keep on this course to bring stability in the state affairs. -SASHA MASOOD, Lahore, via e-mail, January 19.