I look with bemusement at the variety of fiascoes created by the present regime. The latest is just as remarkable as many others you might have heard. The Secretary Investment government of Pakistan, supposedly a member of the high-powered delegation to Brussels seeking investment in this war-ravaged country, makes a presentation to a houseful of delegates on power point, alas chokeful of wrong figures and other mistakes. One possible investor delegate, a Pakistani, pointed it out saying that far from being of international standards, the presentation did not even come up to the (low) Pakistani standards. Is there anyone in government who could question the Secretary on a lapse like this? And then did anyone bother to check before handing over the laptop to the able secretary? Bureaucratic neglect is damaging Pakistan's image before the world and the government does nothing to rectify. -AMJAD HABIB MIRZA, Lahore, January 27.