When Dr Shazia was raped in Balochistan by a serving captain, the ruling military junta of Musharraf obstructed the law from taking its course. Such callous and irresponsible behavior, unbecoming of an officer of a disciplined force, tells us of the sad state of affairs. It is this mindset that has given rise to terrorism on the scale that we witness today in all parts of this country. This has become a culture of the elitist ruling class that considers themselves above the law. Individuals belonging to any select group that enjoys political clout, consider it their collective insult if a member belonging to their community is made to submit to judicial process, for any gross violation or even a heinous crime like murder. A poor girl 12 years of age who was employed by a leading lawyer died with several signs of torture on her body. The lawyers of Lahore Bar have announced a strike to protest the arrest of the lawyer, who has been charged along with several family members, of murder. The charges are based on post-mortem report in an FIR filed by the parents of this poor child. Hearts should have melted of all who have children but murder, even as brutal as this, is a trivial matter if it is that of a poor girl. -HANIF BALOCH, Quetta, January 27.