Right since the day judiciary became free, lawyers of the lower courts have repeatedly displayed a tendency for lawlessness. Instead of supporting the right cause, they are generally found to be working to subvert the process of justice or are into some kind of mean play. In a previous incident, a group of lawyers had manhandled a number of journalists and cameramen inside the Lahore civil courts. These newsmen were simply trying to cover the news. Now a couple of days back, lawyers were at it again in support of a fellow lawyer who is accused of being responsible for the death of his ten-year old maid. Clannish as they are, a fellow lawyer is more important for them than delivery of justice. The attitude of these lawyers is certainly a slur on the name of their profession. With the exception of Quaid-e-Azam and a few other notable exceptions, what they say about the Devil having celebrated birth of the first lawyer must be true. A few days back, the driver of the Chief Secretary Punjab had run over a retired colonel, killing him on the spot. I believe the drivers of the entire civil secretariat should also come out on the road in his support and may be the bureaucrats should come out in a procession in support of the Chief Secretary. Let the justice go to hell while we all fight for the profession clan we represent. -ABDUL GHAFFAR HOTI, Peshawar, January 29.