The recent visit of US Secretary Defense Robert Gates and his statements in Pakistan and India clearly indicate that America is not interested in peace between the two countries. The reasons for this are numerous; firstly, America is a big exporter of military weapons. Tension between Pakistan and India would mean a continuing race for technologically advanced weapons by both countries to keep their respective levels of deterrence on high. America has a lot to offer to both these countries in this regard and nothing in peace. Secondly, a stable Asia would mean a danger to the American hegemony over the world. China and Russia are already emerging as opponents to America's unchallenged place as the sole super power. A stable Asia would mean this challenge gaining strength. America is countering that by proclaiming presence of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and maintaining a large military presence here as a threat to both these countries. To avoid another economic meltdown like 2008, America also has its eyes fixed on the rich resources of Asia. A full-fledged war, or at least some sort of a spat amounting to instability in the subcontinent is, therefore, in US strategic interests. -UMAR MAHBOOB, Lahore, January 28.