ISLAMABAD (APP) -Frequent power outages are disturbing students busy in preparation for the upcoming final exams. Like other parts of the country, there is no end to power outages in the twin cities and the students are worst-affected by the power outages. Not a single day passes when they feel affected as loadshedding turns bright nights into darkness and students wait for the light to return so they can resume their studies. My children are preparing for their final exams. They want to concentrate more on studies but if the present situation continues it will definitely affect their grades, said Amina whose three sons go to school. The annual exams from primary to graduate level will be held in the coming months and students are preparing to acquire good grades, said Shagufta, teacher at Islamabad Model College for Boys, F-8/4. But loadshedding for such long hours will make difficult for them to focus on their studies, she said. School going children are also disturbed as when they sit down to open their bags to do homework and light goes out, they feel let down. And they pass the time thinking whether they will able to complete their homework and what their school teachers will say if they could not finish it. And it is gloomier for children, if the next best thing they want is to get into the cozy bed and go to sleep. This situation also eats up their time left for play and leisure. The winter days are short and nights are long so children like to do their homework in the evenings but their plans are always in jeopardy because of the persistent loadshedding. Housewives feel an extra burden on their shoulders. If they are washing clothes they are worried that their watching machines would stop as there is no confirmed time for power to disappear. Family dinners are interrupted and suddenly people feel at a loss as what to do with their time. As now there is no television to watch and no computer to surf the Internet and play games.