A national hero who fought for the country, not once but twice, was killed on the road due to no mistake of his. Then, the perpetrators did not even bother to take him to hospital and left the scene in indecent haste. Then the main culprit and his stooges also went to house of the deceased to pressurize the family to drop the case. Lahore Cantt Police threw application from victim's family in the bin and filed a simple FIR against driver of the high state official involved in all of this. Then, the family was told to visit the police station in evening where they found the doors locked. The SHO ordered them to come again in the night but this time they came with media in tow. The SHO let in the family but not the media, ostensibly, to pressurize the aggrieved family for an out of court settlement. Is this justice to the family of a person who guarded our borders at the risk of his life and even spent years as POW in Indian jails? -FAHAD ZAFAR, Lahore, January 27.