It is a crying shame that the Sindh government has delayed the All-Parties Conference that was meant to go into the causes, identify the culprits and devise a strategy to control target killings in Karachi. No date has yet been given and it appears that the issue stands shelved on political considerations. These are times when the government should not even waste a moment before conducting dialogue. If the Sindh ruling coalition could not even sit together to save peoples lives, what else are they saving their time and energies for? The killing spree that occurred in the city during the previous weeks was enough to give the politicians at the helm sleepless nights. Now that the Sindh government has failed to convene the conference, it would be much better if the APC is instead held in the federal capital. The bloodshed in Karachi rocks not only the city, but also affects the stability of the entire country. Hence, Islamabad, home to the national legislature, would be a more appropriate venue for the APC. This meeting should be a test of leaderships wisdom and maturity since they are expected to rise above ethnic considerations and see the issue in national perspective. It would be erroneous to assume that the cycle of violence that in this point in time has become less severe will not unleash its destructive fury again. Series of target killings, punctuated by short intervals, have been recurring in the past. This has been happening for decades. It is necessary that the proposed APC was quickly convened to give the issue a serious thought. Those who indulge in violence should be caught and treated according to law. And, indeed, if there is evidence to prove that the killers receive the backing of political groups, these groups are dealt with in a befitting manner. The unrest in Karachi must be seen not only as a law and order problem, but also a violent struggle by different ethno-political parties to maintain control of their territory and further extend their influences. The APC would have to direct its focus to this point.