AHMAD AHMADANI ISLAMABAD - Hilal A Raza, Managing Director (MD) Inter-State Gas Systems (ISGC), said that Pakistan would sign Gas Sales Purchase Agreement (GSPA) on a multibillion dollars Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline deal on April 30, 2011. The MD while addressing the 'Third Oil and Gas Pakistan 2011 Forum here on Saturday said that India could also avail option to rejoin Iran-Pakistan (IP) gas pipeline project. We stand no where regarding gas import projects as we have already lost opportunity to import gas from Qatar at the cost of no action, he said, adding that Energy Minister of Qatar had informed some two years back that Pakistan had lost opportunity of gas import from Qatar due to delay in project. He further said that the TAPI gas pipeline project had been reactivated and four countries Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan and India would sign the GSPA this year on April 30. The first flow of gas would commence from 2016. We were negotiating on TAPI gas pipeline project, however, the financing of project would be a critical issue. He said that 4 billion cubic feet gas was planed that would not be enough to meet the domestic requirements, he added He also held responsible the concerned bureaucracy for making delay in this regard. He said, Gas import projects are being delayed due to cost of inaction on bureaucracy side and therefore the responsible should be held accountable. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Progas, Abbas Bilgrami, said, We have lost chance of gas import from Qatar that had waited for ten years to materialise the project. He said that Pakistan required consistent policies to secure investment in energy sector. Responding to a question, Bilgrami said that imported natural gas would be cheaper than liquefied fuel, therefore, it would boost the economy. Managing Director Byco Refinery, Kalim A Sidiqui, said that Byco Group had one refinery and was working on setting up another refinery in Balochistan with 120,000 barrels per day output that would be the largest one in the country. The new refinery would start production this year. Sadiqui said we have also planned petrochemical complex, which would consume the whole Naptha being produced in the country. Our group has taken initiative to set up plant to use Naphtha to produce gasoline. Naptha is being currently exported in raw shape, he added.