Hats off to you for your editorial captioned, Corruption all around Corruption is galloping with cumulative frequency in our country. There is hardly any department where the malignant tentacles of the dragon of corruption have not reached. Corruption is slowly but surely eating away the roots of every department like white ants. The irony of luck is that more a person is corrupt, the more sacrosanct is he held in our county. Each year, Pakistan climbs one more rung up the ladder of corruption with sterling success. Its all due to dishonest deception in all walks of life. The Transparency International Corruption report of 2010 is sufficient enough to pull the rug from under the feet of many Pakistanis who still hold honesty in great reverence. The report captioned, National Corruption Perception Survey 2010" shows a colossal increase in corruption from 195 billion rupees in 2009 to 223 billion rupees in 2010. Police and bureaucracy departments touched the zenith of corruption. Land administration department ranked third in dishonest deceptions. According to a survey more than 80% of the Pakistanis reckon that the present regime is far more corrupt than any of the previous regimes. According to the said report, bribery in land administration department was unprecedented where bribe paid in each incident was about Rs. 50,000. Perhaps our politicians are inviting another military intervention because the dragon of corruption hibernates during the military regimes. It is high time our politicians did some serious soul searching to kill the python of corruption lest the whole edifice should come tumbling down. MUBUSHAR ALI SULEHRIA, Wah Cantt, January 28.