LAHORE Dr Fauzia Siddiqui, sister of Dr Aafia Siddiqui, who was awarded 86 years imprisonment by a US federal jury on the charges of attacking the investigators in Afghanistan, has urged the government to carryout trial of Raymond Davis as per the Pakistani laws. Addressing a press conference at Lahore Press Club on Saturday, she said that Pakistan had not officially approached the US for handing over Dr Aafia Siddiqui during the last eight and half years but the US had demanded the custody of its national after a couple of days of his killing three innocent Pakistani citizens. Expressing hope that the government would not bow to any foreign pressure, Dr Fauzia Siddiqui said that the Punjab chief minister had assured to carryout transparent trial of Raymond Davis and she was expecting justice for the aggrieved families. Earlier, Dr Fauzia participated in a demonstration organised by Insaf Students Federation outside Lahore Press Club to protest against the killing of three citizens at the hand of a US national. The participants were carrying placards and banners inscribed with slogans against the US. Highly-charged participants also chanted anti-US slogans.