On January 27, two young men were shot dead and another crushed ruthlessly by an American citizen near Mozang area who was arrested near Anar Kali food street. His companions reached there very quickly to rescue him. According to reports, a 9MM pistol without license, US passport and nearly 70 bullets were in his car. Moreover, he was of the view that he shot at them in self defense. If his statement is true then why did he attempt to run away from the spot escaping from the crime scene? What was the purpose he was travelling for? Why did he not contact the concerned police station or officers? Why did he violate the rules and why the US State department is still denying to reveal his actual name? Why did the Police shift the American national to an unknown location? If the act was in self defense then bullets should have hit them on their chest not from back? By this act Raymond gave the impression to the people of Pakistan and the government of Pakistan too, that American citizens in Pakistan are free to do any thing they want with impunity. We are now under the subjugation of America and no more an independent state. Neither any official from the American embassy has apologized nor did the government of Pakistan uttered a word against this atrocious act of violence. Anyhow, I request the concerned bodies to ensure exemplary punishment for Raymond David. ASLAM MALIK, Islamabad, January 29.