The World Kashmir Diaspora Alliance (WKDA) held a protest vigil displaying the banners "India is not a democratic country" here in Toronto in front of the Pearson International Centre to highlight the continuing military repression in Kashmir. Leading the delegation of supporters and friends of Kashmir, Farooq Papa, head of WKDA, termed the Indian repression much worse than enacted by the dictatorial regimes of the Arab World and asked the world to take notice of the simmering anger in Kashmir before it is too late. The new generation of Kashmiris is extremely angry and frustrated as India continues its relentless military repression. The world must take notice and convince India to address the just demands of self determination before a Kashmiri revolution topples everything and engulfs the whole region, he stated. Questioning the rationale of Pakistans Kashmir policy, Papa said, It is pretty confusing that the Pakistani Government claims to support Kashmiris right to self determination but engages India on Kashmir in a bilateral framework that does not recognise Kashmiris as a party. The Toronto vigil was prompted by the Indian Embassys celebrations on 26th January, the Indian Republic Day. The WKDA organised the event to highlight the continuing Indian military repression in Kashmir and focus attention on the right to self determination of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.