ASHRAF MUMTAZ and MUBASHIR HASSAN LAHORE - Mohtarama Benazir Bhutto had signed the Charter of Democracy with the PML-N. The purpose was to bury the politics of hatred for good, to say goodbye to victimisation and vendetta. Both the parties had also apologised to the nation for their past mistakes. Infact, it was a fresh beginning by Benazir Bhutto with those who had kept her in prison. Newly appointed Governor Sardar Latif Khan Khosa stated this in an exclusive interview with Sunday Plus of The Nation. He explained his political vision and desire to promote politics of reconciliation. 'The decision of the PPP to set up coalitions with other parties was motivated by its desire to promote the politics of reconciliation, he said. 'The exchange of harsh words between Salman Taseer and the PML-N leaders was the result of some misunderstandings. No one should forget that it takes two to make a quarrel, the Governor was of the view. To a query, he said PML (N) had expressed no reservations against him. 'Infact, all political parties welcomed my appointment. When the President called me to Karachi for a meeting, he had already indicated that I would be given the job, he added. 'When the leadership takes a decision, they have their own timing to make it public. In the case of the Governors appointment, the Prime Minister has to give his advice and then the President takes a decision, Khosa explained. He said he enjoyed very good relations with PML (Q) and that had nothing do with cordial relations with PML (N). PML (Q) had sent a party delegation at his swearing-in ceremony, he said. On the issue of creating new provinces on administrative grounds, the Governor was of the view that there was no harm in doing so. 'There is no harm in carving out new provinces but this should be done in accordance with the law and the Constitution. You must keep in mind that its not an easy task, he said. 'First the Provincial Assembly has to pass a resolution on the subject with two-thirds majority and then both Houses of Parliament have to go for a Constitutional amendment, he added. 'Once this is done, another Constitutional amendment is needed because the new province has also to be allotted seats in the Senate. 'In my opinion if somebody calls for new provinces, he should not be tagged as a traitor. After all, Punjab is a very big province. Other federating units have many complaints against it. If new units are created out of Punjab, there is no harm, Khosa said. About the people who levelled corruption charges against him, Khosa said he prays for guidance to all his rivals. 'My job as a lawyer is like worship. And then when I was Attorney General and then Minister, I took it like worship, he maintained.