Lo and behold US consulate in Lahore has not even revealed the name of the diplomat or Dyncorp (former Blackwater) operative who killed two young men in cold blood. Looking at the picture of the culprit, call him Davis, Raymond, or undercover Mr Hood or a Yankee hoodlum, he doesnt look like a diplomat. Raymond claims he acted in self defence, but the fact remains that he shot two Pakistani men at their backs and not front, which means they never faced him or wrestled with him. Theres yet an intriguing part of the episode. Two men, Dr Mudassar and Shehryar, lodged complaints with Lytton Road police that the two men had looted cell phones and cash from them a little before they were killed by Raymond. Who are Dr Mudassar and Shehryar? They actually had the complaints registered to dilute the case and to prove the two men slain in cold blood were habitual criminals, which would support Raymonds argument of killing the two in his self defence. Police must check the motive of two complainants and whether they were linked with the US Consulate. Raymond thought that since we dont react to drone strikes that regularly kill our people, therefore, shooting two citizens wouldnt cause much hullabaloo. Raymond, a common criminal though of white skin, must be dealt according to law of the land. DR. A. P. SANGDIL, January 29.