British High Commissioner to Pakistan Adam Thomson in a briefing to journalists in London (Jan 27) has said Pakistans politicians must find out a consensus on difficult economic decisions that need to be taken to prevent an economic collapse. He also said Pakistan cannot flourish if its economy is in constant crisis. Referring to a recent comment made by federal minister (Mr Hafiz Shaikh) that Pakistans economy was on verge of collapse, Mr Thomson admitted that state of Pakistans economy was not the fault of the incumbent government. The comment of British High Commissioner are sufficient to prove the claim of previous government of ex-army dictator General (r) Musharraf who ruled over the country for about 9 years as all-in-all by claiming that Pakistans economy was revived and progressed very well; was farce. While praising the efforts of the present federal finance minister to come out from economic crisis, I appeal to the federal finance minister to take all parties aboard and take unavoidable difficult decisions to bail the country out from economic crisis as international community has already refused to assist in view of Pakistans deficit that was too big to be plugged by international funding as pointed out by Mr Thomson in his briefing. MOHAMMAD KHAN SIAL, Karachi, January 29.