LAHORE A rally on Saturday demanded a Rs50 billion bailout package to save the Pakistan Railways from an imminent collapse. The crises in the Railways are due to the corrupt and incompetent officers. And to bring the department out of these crises, the authorities also should stop theft of oil and rail materials, the protesters demanded. The rally was staged outside the main railway station here where the protesters also opposed the proposed privatisation of the utility and downsising of its employees. A good number of workers, led by the Workers Union Open Lines union leaders warned the government of halting the operation across the country if it did not accept their demands. Holding banners and placards, they burned tyres and chanted slogans against the authorities. Addressing the rally, the union leaders said the Railways workers would not allow downsising on the name of restructuring. The Railways workers also took out such rallies in Karachi, Quetta, Rohri, Rawalpindi, and Multan.