LAHORE Majid Nizami, the Editor-in-Chief of TheNation and Nazria Pakistan Trust chairman, on Saturday said that the countrys survival was deeply imbedded in the endurance of the Two-Nation Theory. If the enemies of Pakistan were to succeed and damage its ideology, its sovereignty, too, will not be secure, he warned. The NPT chairman expressed these views while addressing the sixth session of the NPTs Advisory Council held at Aiwane Karkunane Tehrike Pakistan. Pakistan Movement Workers Trust Chairman Col (r) Jamshed Ahmad Tareen, NPT Vice-chairman Prof Dr Rafique Ahmad, journalist Muheebur Rehaman Shami, Waleed Iqbal, Maj-Gen (r) Rahit Latif, Justice (r) Nazir Akhtar, and other members participated. Reviewing the NPTs performance, they expressed their full satisfaction over its work under the guidance of Chairman Majid Nizami. The NPT chairman said the country was passing through a difficult time, with lot of challenges ahead. Followers of Sarhadi Gandhi are ruling one of her provinces and the situation in Blochistan, too, is the worst as India is creating problems in there. He said Karchi was also at the brink of fire. Instead of efforts to deal with the situation in Karchi, voices for a Marshall Law in Punjab are being hurled, he said. However, we will continue our struggle for the ideological training of our people, he pledged. The Editor-In-Chief praised the role of the Punjab Chief Minister for his positive response on the every request of the Trust. The CM gave us buses for the ideological training of the youth. He further said that we should inform the youth about the Pakistan Movement. India is building dams on our rivers and wants to turn our country into a desert. If we do not respond to the enemy designs in time, we will repent in future, he warned. Majeed Nizami said: All our enemies wanted to snatch our Atomic weapons and wished to change us into another 'Somalia or 'Ethiopia, but our brave Army and courageous nation will not let them succeed in their notorious designs. He said we as a nation should prefer our national interest and should try to make consensus for the construction of Kalabagh Dam, which was essential for our economy, he added. Jihad is the only way to get Kashmir from Hindus, he observed. He further added that now our rulers should refuse to bow in front of America and should focus on the economy and eradication of poverty. Dr. Rafique Rafique Ahmad highlighted the activities of the Trust through multimedia. He told the members about the future plans of the trust. He said it was Majid Nizami whose guidance was always available to complete out plans. Col (r) Doc Jamshaid Ahmad Tareen said that the workers of this trust are soldiers of the Quaid and true Pakistanis and we should establish a think tank of such people to meet the challenges we are facing. Mujeebur Rehman praised Majeed Nizamis role and said the Trust was fighting on the ideological front which is good thing for the nation. He further said collective efforts are required from all the media to tell the young generation about our past achievements. Waleed Iqbal Advocate said that Federation of Pakistan now has become weak due to poor policies of the Government. Professor Hamayoun Ihsan said that now time has come to mend our bureaucracys way for the betterment of the whole nation.