The ominous clouds of the Tunisian style revolt that toppled President Zin al-Abidiene Ben Ali have entered Egypt, ignoring Libya in between - but for how long? In Egypt, the protesters are demanding Egyptian government to end its 30-year state of emergency, pass a law preventing a President from serving more than two terms, and the Interior Minister Habib al-Adly to resign. Protestations gaining momentum every day have afforded an opportunity to the opposition parties to unite. The inevitable element of violence that becomes part of such protests has started taking its toll and a few police officers have died in Cairo. Government buildings at many places have been set ablaze. Anticipating still uglier situations soon Gamal Mubarak the son of the President Hosni Mubarak has fled the country to UK with his wife and children. People all over the world now thanks to internet - become instantly aware of the happenings around and in the process not only become more knowledgeable but also more cognizant of their civil rights and liberties. The rulers are, therefore, advised in their own interest to heed to the looming Tunisian tsunami and look after the masses before it gets too late. COL. RIAZ JAFRI (RETD) Rawalpindi, January 29.