There are no two opinions that given the present day chaotic situation the role of the youth has assumed all the more importance. They are the future of the society. Just like the role of the elderly is to control and lead the society forward, the role of the youth is to work hard for their country. The elderly no doubt have their own special place but it is the youngsters who have always been the backbone of the society.

A case in point is Bilawal Bhutto. He can be considered as a representative of our youth. He has worked hard to obtain a good result at university abroad. And now if he becomes a responsible leader in our political arena it would simply benefit the country. There is no doubt a campaign going on these days targeting personalized politics in the country, which no doubt seems justifiable but however targeting someone good because of this trend would be unfair. We must also not neglect the sacrifices rendered by the Bhutto clan.

Muhammad Raza,

Lahore, January 28.