ISLAMABAD  - Inter Provincial Coordination (IPC) secretary Chaudhry Ejaz chaired the general council meeting of Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) affiliated federations Wednesday. The most interesting thing was both POA factions attended the meeting among them prominent were Major General (R) M Akram Sahi, Khawaja Farooq Saeed, Aqil Shah, Ch Yaqoob, Shaukat Javed, Akhtar Rasool, Rana Mujahid, all the three services boards, Railways, Wapda, Police and representatives of provinces were also present on the occasion, while PCB was not invited for the meeting . Journalists were neither invited to cover the meeting nor they were allowed to enter the meeting room and were told that PSB will issue the press release of the meeting .
Inside sources have confirmed that all the federations took joint stance against the prevailing POA situation and demanded of the IPC and the PSB to resolve this long-standing POA issue. All the federations had promised that they are ready to implement 2005 Sports Policy in true letter and spirit and offered their all-out backing to IPC in this regard. The federations demanded IPC secretary to immediately release funds of federations, as not a single significant sporting activity or training camps were conducted for the last many months due to sudden stoppage of funds. Ch Ejaz promised to release freeze funds of all those federations within one week, who abide by the Sports Policy.