Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif has time and again completely failed to understand the militant mindset and their distorted version of Islam. To my utter shock and bewilderment, he announced yet another Olive Branch to the terrorists on Wednesday, saying that the he himself would be supervising the dialogue. Who is cultivating and multiplying this bloodshed of humanity; is it done by our politicians such as the Taliban Khan aka Buzdil Khan and MNS in the name of Allah or in the name of religion? Currently, these terrorist attacks are the main cause behind the large number of exodus of the ‘Brain Drain’, which is causing prodigious damage to the country. I wonder, if our political leaders are really insane to go for a dialogue with these terrorists expecting peace in return? Are they not aware that it is imprinted in Taliban’s DNA that some ethnic groups would be always be ‘Infidel’ (literally “Kafir” as per their definition) and they can and should be killed irrespective of any offer of dialogue or agreement that will further endanger the lives of brilliant people if they belong to a sect that the Taliban don’t approve of!


USA, January 28.