To curb rising street crimes and killings in Karachi the Sindh government has once again imposed a useless ban on pillion riding. This ban has been imposed many times with no results or lessoning in crime. It seems that our government machinery works more towards making the lives of the citizens more miserable rather than coming up with new solutions that can show some positive results.

People are still being mugged and killed despite the ban, hence indicating that the ban on pillion riding does not serve as a solution. It is true that the majority of street crimes and target killings are perpetrated by men riding motorcycles but the ban is not the solution. A large number of Karachites use motorcycles to go to work and to visit friends and relatives. There are over 1.2 million registered motorcycles, which carry over two million commuters daily. This ban overlooks the major inconvenience caused to a sizeable chunk of Karachi’s commuting and working population who use motorcycles.

Important to mention that the strength of public transport is quite thin three days a week due to closure of CNG stations, forcing commuters to wait at bus stops in long queues for hours. Taking advantage of the situation, the drivers of taxis and rickshaws overcharge commuters with increased fares.

I would like to ask the authorities why ordinary people are being punished for a problem that should be resolved by better policing and law enforcement agencies and if they are not capable of doing it they should ask some outside army to come and control Pakistan! Instead of a ban on pillion riding there should be harsh accountability of the police which is still busy fleecing innocent citizens rather than concentrating on controlling crime.


Karachi, January 28.