Illegal business of decanting Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) is at its peak in Rawat, Islamabad, under the umbrella of local administration for a long time now but no one has taken any action against this deadly business. This illegal decanting of LPG from one cylinder to another is being done in main Rawat area where many shops have been setup besides the old Grand Trunk Road (GT Road). Minors are performing this job without any training. A few years back a cylinder-blew up during decanting. Assistant Commissioner rural, Islamabad banned any form of decanting of gas in Rawat and its vicinity but unfortunately this business is being done again without any fear. A resident of Rawat informed me that Sui Gas was not available in the area where many poor lived and people were forced to use LPG at very high rates for domestic use. If this business is not banned more accidents can happen. The area should get Sui gas connection soon.


Islamabad, January 28.