Regional Institute of Policy Research and Training successfully conducted an advocacy project called Gomal Zam Command Area Programme in 10 union councils of districts Tank and Dera Ismail Khan. The purpose of the project was to focus on the regional challenges that farmers face along with the aspirations of the farming community in those areas. Of those challenges, the most frequently occurring one is conflict mitigation. The RIPORT project was carried out under financial assistance provided by the USAID with the intention to cover issues involving cropping patterns, water distribution and water rights and laws that farmers often have scare understanding about.

In order to keep the locals aware of the project and its goals, farmers and teachers were consulted in-depth while the outcome and attendance of locals helped in formulating new and better policies by the RIPORT. The significance of the program became evident more than ever when locals were given detailed educational sessions on learning more about erosion control, water logging and salinity, land rights of both old and new systems, water use and preservation. To spread awareness, RIPORT consolidated 33 village committees, took in around 3,930 farming communities and formulated a research handbook for locals with the help of the Agriculture University Peshawar.

Projects under public policy that address the needs and questions of locals who, otherwise have little or no access to such programs, are essential in order to keep all communities moving forward. The brilliant effect of the program was such that there were 4,590 direct beneficiaries while 311411 indirect beneficiaries out of ten union councils. More often than not, urban dwellers tend to have more accessibility to social research programs that help in better lifestyles while rural communities are left out, but with the help of RIPORT now agrarian communities can be helped more effectively now.