TARBELA GHAZI - DR PERVAIZ AWAN  - Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf (PTI) lost the seat of National Assembly NA-19 Haripur, KPK as Omer Ayub Khan of PML-N won the NA-19 Haripur seat after re-polling on seven polling stations. by defecting suspended MNA Raja Aamar Zaman.
According to the details, Raja Aamar Zaman had secured 1,16,579 votes and defeated PML-N candidate Omer Ayub Khan who got 1,14,374 votes in the general elections 2013. The PML-N later challenged the election results. Raja Aamar Zaman emerged as winner after the recount on all 437 stations of the constituency, however, his lead was decreased from 2205 to 1304.
Omer Ayub then moved to the Supreme Court and sought re-election. According to his petition, several polling bags did not have relevant voters list or counterfoils of ballot papers, which indicate rigging. The apex court referred the case to the election tribunal which suspended Raja Aamar Zaman’s membership of National Assembly and ordered re-election on polling stations Alloli, Mamrial, Bagra Number 2, Kalinjar, Ghazi Hamlet and two polling stations of Khalabat Township.
It is worth mentioning here that in the general election 2013, Raja Aamar Zaman had defeated Omar Ayub on these polling stations with a heavy margin but after order of re-polling previously polled votes in these polling stations had been deleted from the NA-19 election result which had brought the both candidates all most equal with a little lead of 27 votes for Omer Ayub Khan. The re-polling on these seven polling stations were held on Wednesday in a tens situation but over all environment during the polling remained peaceful. According to the result, of the seven polling stations Omer Ayoub Khan secured his win in six polling stations by obtaining 2,853 votes where his rival Raja Ammar Zaman could win only one polling station of his native village and got 2,260 votes.
According to the unofficial results, Omer Ayub Khan won the election by securing a lead of 593 votes.