LAHORE - The Punjab Finance Department has issued Rs 12 million supplementary grant for the fuel of the helicopter of the chief minister while Rs 20 million have already been utilised, it has been learnt.
The government had forwarded a summary, seeking supplementary grant for the fuel of the helicopter, which was approved.
Sources privy to the development said as the CM helicopter was used in the earthquake and flood-hit areas frequently, the consumption of fuel and maintenance charges increased, so the relevant section had to draw more amount than it was estimated for fuel consumption. They also stated that the helicopter was used in the Awaran area of Balochistan and Mozaffargarh district for service delivery. Since the helicopter was used in RY Khan and Multan for relief purposes, the fuel consumption increased many times.
Rs 32 million have so far been released for the helicopter and the government is expected to meet the expenses within the supplementary grant as the use of the plane is limited these days.
It is learnt that usual flight hours for the copter a month remain about 50, but in emergency duty the flight hours were over 180. As a result, the cost of fuel as well as maintenance of the copter exceeded the limits and the Punjab government had to seek supplementary grant.