The present government has claimed to restore the dignity of public schools besides encouraging the private sector. Bringing about revolution in Information Technology is the only solution to rid the country of debt and joblessness. The private sector has to establish maximum number of model schools in small cities and towns to provide latest scientific and technical education to the majority of the people living in rural areas. Besides imparting modern technical education in government institutions, the technical institutes established in private sector are also being extended every possible help and cooperation by the government in this regard.

Pakistan is the sixth largest country in terms of population and is one of seven nuclear powers and geography has placed it in a strategic location in Asia. Promotion of education is a top priority for Punjab government and steps have been taken for enhancing literacy rate as well as for the provision of quality education. Punjab Chief Minister has announced educational emergency for early completion of development programmes in education sector but it does not really seem to take effect other than showing up glossy schemes such as Danish schools.

Financial grant is being provided for up-gradation of higher education. New women universities are being established. Government is implementing a comprehensive strategy for imparting modern education to the students. Government has finished all reserve seats of self-finance in professional colleges and only talented students are getting admission on merit. Punjab Educational Endowment Fund has been set up for providing scholarships to poor but talented students to enable them continue their studies. Students are studying at LUMS and FAST as the government has given scholarships for the first time. Time is not on our side; the Punjab government has to act fast.


Lahore, January 27.