President Mamnoon Hussain has decided to confer Tamgha-i-Shujaat on 145 students and staff members of Army Public School who lost their lives on December 16 in a terrorist attack. This prestigious civil award may not bring back those we have lost but it will be a balm to the families. December 16, 2014 will be forever etched in our memories, and whatever we can do to honour the memory of those who lost their lives, we must. We, in Pakistan have faced so many terror attacks and have gone through so much trauma already but this heinous attack, specifically targeting children, shook us to our core. The nation united in the aftermath and now every effort is being made to rid us of this menace once and for all. We are sick of living in fear, and now we have stood up to face this menace head on. It is our duty to ensure the safety and security of our future generations.


Lahore, January 27.