A wrongful death lawsuit filed against Caitlyn Jenner over a fatal California car crash has been dropped after the Olympic champion turned transgender icon settled with the victim’s family. Then still known as Bruce, Jenner was driving a large SUV when it collided in Malibu last February with a smaller white car that then swerved into oncoming traffic. Jenner walked away unhurt from the four-car crash, but a 69-year-old woman died and four others were injured.

The stepchildren of the victim, Kim Howe, filed a civil lawsuit for wrongful death against Jenner. Lawyers for the plaintiffs asked a court in Santa Monica to drop the case following the settlement, the terms of which were not made public. Jenner’s lawyer Philip Boesch Jr confirmed to AFP the suit had been dismissed, without further comment. A second civil suit filed against Jenner by one of those injured in the crash was dismissed in late 2015 following a settlement.

The Los Angeles District Attorney decided in September not to press charges in the case. Investigators found that Jenner was driving ‘unsafely for the prevailing road conditions’ and said she faced up to a year in prison if convicted of manslaughter.

The crash took place just months before Jenner - an American sports hero who set a world record in the decathlon at the Montreal Olympics in 1976 - came out as transgender.