This refers to the news “Over 150,000 Britons petition to ban Trump from UK” December 10.

According to the news a petition to ban US presidential hopeful Donald Trump from Britain reached more than 230,000 signatures after the Republican front runner called a ban on Muslims entering the United States. Also the Scottish government has dropped him as a business ambassador for the country, where he owns golf courses and hotels, on his hate remarks about the Muslims. What a great nation is United Kingdom, one is left with no option but to salute and hail the citizens of that great country for whom the value and respect of the humanity is above cast creed and religion. For them every human being is respectable belonging from any corner of the world. Earlier the President of the USA delivered a very bold speech from white house condemning the terrorist acts at San Bernardino, California, but never raising a finger on Muslims settled in USA.

Hats off for President Obama who deserves another Noble prize for taking a stance of cooling down the sentiments of the American people who must be feeling great anguish, sorrow and heartache on the horrific and tragic death of 14 fellow citizens, the word great seems to be very small for the USA citizens for showing tremendous respect, consideration and regards for the fellow communities settled in their country. Unfortunately both the manic killers Syed Farook and Tasfeen Malik were of Pakistani origin, but no burning of Pakistani flags or abusing of Pakistani leadership or its people nor there were any demonstrations demanding boycott of Pakistani goods.

Had such an incident taken place in UK or USA, our political and religious leadership had raised such a hue and cry the parallel of which would have been impossible to find. They would have stormed the embassies of those countries, burnt the flags of USA and UK, would have not hesitated burning the effigies of their leaderships.

The In the noble and majestic attitude and behavior of the people of UK and USA there a lesson of us, we the most uncivilized people to show restrain and grace and act like a civilized nation if ever any unfortunate act or event takes place any where in the world which hurt our sentiments,, instead of taking law in our hands and showing anger and rage in the form of bloody demonstrations, burning national flags of other countries and using abusive language for the other communities of the world.


Lahore, December 10.