ISLAMABAD - Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan yesterday withdrew his earlier statement made about an under-hand deal between his government and PPP saying media has quoted him out of context.

The minister was facing criticism from his own party for his statement about a deal between the government and PPP.

Interior Ministry’s spokesperson has clarified the impression created by some news reports appearing in a section of media regarding the interior minister confirming ‘some kind of deal between the government and the opposition’ during his other day’s press conference.

He said that nowhere in his press conference did the interior minister referred to a two-way deal between the government and the opposition.

Terming this perception as inaccurate and totally out of context, the spokesman quoted the exact recorded words of the interior minister viz, “I am confirming you that how an opposition leader benefited from government while using his important position".

The spokesman said that as it is clear from the sentence what the minister conveyed which can also be corroborated by the text of his subsequent words that on one hand Mr. Khursheed Shah was getting favours from the government of the day and on the other he is also criticizing the government without reason or justification.

The spokesperson said that the interior minister’s remarks were made in response to a specific question wherein he was asked to comment over the baseless accusations that are being levelled against him by the opposition leader.

The spokesman said that the Interior Minister was very specific in his remarks and only referred to the person against whom the comments were being solicited.