Rawalpindi - Rawalpindi police in its crackdowns against anti-social elements on Friday netted six lawbreakers including a drunkard and recovered 15 liter wine, one pistol 30 bore with two rounds and LPG refilling equipment from the possession of the accused.

According to Rawalpindi police spokesman, Bunni police held Adnan Amjad for having 15 liter wine. Gungmandi police netted a drunkard namely Yasir who was allegedly under the influence of alcohol. R.A. Bazaar police rounded up Najeeb Ullah and recovered a 30 bore pistol with two rounds.

Naseerabad police conducted a raid at an illegal LPG agency and confiscated LPG refilling equipment.

Race Course police arrested a kite seller namely Javed Khan and recovered 10 chemical kite flying string rolls and 40 kites.