ISLAMABAD - The Election Commission of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) yesterday issued a fresh code of conduct for the intra-party polls that bans Chairman Imran Khan to support any candidate.

A fresh code of conduct issued by PTI's secretary election commission Col (retd) Khalid Zahoor says that Chairman Imran Khan has been banned from supporting any candidate participating in the intra-party polls.

The code of conduct was issued through a notification after due approval from the chief election commissioner of PTI Tasneem Ahmed Noorani.

PTI in the first phase has started its membership campaign throughout the country and on the conclusion of the campaign, the intra-party polls would be held.

The last intra-party polls, held before the General Elections of 2013, were very controversial with charges of large scale rigging and the use of money to buy votes that caused rifts among the party ranks and the code of conduct has been issued to avoid this situation, a senior office bearer of party's central secretariat said.

The code of conduct has banned holding of any rallies for the campaign. The formation of panels and grouping at any level, votes' manipulation through money, wall chalking, holding of treats for campaigning and the use of billboards as well as firearms would not be allowed. The candidates would only be allowed to rum election campaign through social media, individual meetings and pamphlets with a specific size.

The election commission through a notification said that strict punishments would be awarded in case of rigging, violation of code of conduct and misconduct. The punishments include participation of elections, deprivation of party tickets and suspension of basic membership of the party. The observers appointed by the commission would oversee the whole process of campaigning and the election. The commission would provide resources for the solution of election disputes.


Online adds: PTI Chairman Imran Khan has said that Nawaz Sharif should tell the nation what secret deal has been made with the PPP to make it a friendly Opposition.

He twitted on the social media that the truth about “Muk Muka” between PML-N and the PPP has come to the fore.

He said that PTI had repeatedly pointed out that PML-N and PPP were doing the politics of “Muk Muka” for taking their turn.

The Interior Minister has supported the PTI stance during his Press conference which also proved that the PTI was the real Opposition party in the country, he added.