There are those who feel that Sind Works Minister Imdad Pitafi took the easy way out when he apologised to the PML (Functional) lady MPA Sahar Abbassi whom he had offended by improper remarks. If he had gone by the example of the National Assembly, he would have duked it out.

After all, the precedent set there showed that assemblies are not just talking-shops, but need men of action. It also was somehow appropriate that the PTI was at the centre of the battle, headed as it is by a sportsman, though admittedly that sportsman, Imran Khan, was a cricketer, not a boxer. More relevant might be the American experience, where Minnesota had a former wrestler, Jesse Ventura, as governor in 1999 to 2003. There is no mention of his having wrestled political opponents to the ground, and no one ever let him loose in a legislature, but he would have been useful to the PTI team (you don’t call them a parliamentary delegation any more) if he had been brought in for mentoring them.

Another governor who could have done a job of mentoring, specifically Imdad Pitafi, would have been V. Shanmughanathan, of India’s Meghalaya province, who resigned after his staff complained he was womanizing flagrantly. But then, Shanmughanathan has not been accused to any disrespect. Anyhow, maybe the PTI doesn’t need mentoring in that area, as it has Imran Khan, the only party leader in Pakistan of his generation still seeking a wife. A later generation has thrown up Bilawal Bhutto Zardari as leader of a party, but though he’s reached an age where there’s beginning to be talk, he’s not known to be seeking a wife. At least, that’s not supposed to be the purpose of the party.

Requirements of politics are growing. Time was, candidates didn’t have to bring any martial arts experience to a constituency. And when someone said he would fight for voters’ rights, no one took it literally. Actually, they still shouldn’t, because the fight was not about voters’ rights, but about Panamagate, which the PTI is pursuing not because it wants to end corruption, but because it wants Imran Khan to become PM. And then corruption may or may not take place, but Imran Khan will probably get married.

Imran should look at the Pakistan cricket team to understand what could happen: in the last ODI against Australia, they made their highest total of the series. But still lost the match. In political terms, the PTI could achieve its best electoral performance, but still not form the government.

At the moment though, the PTI is going hard on the case in the Supreme Court. And the Qatari prince has written again. That’s a cumbersome way of cross-examination: the witness writes the court a letter, questions raised, the witness writes again, more questions are raised… And it seems that they still write letters in Qatar. How quaint! I’ve got a cousin who thinks he might have forgotten how to write… And by the way, do they still use quill pens in Qatar? Maybe Saifur Rehman made his pile selling Qataris goose quills for pens. And the Supreme Court should disclose whether it received the letters on paper or parchment?

Now that the disappeared bloggers are back (or at least some), are we to expect the return of all those other disappeared persons, like Baloch nationalists, fundamentalists and other people with beards? Or are only those people returned about whom foreign countries make a fuss? Maybe there was nowhere to sell them. I mean, the USA was willing to buy militants, but who will buy liberal bloggers?

Perhaps they should exploit the gap in the senior management team at the US State Department by trying to sell them. Of course, now they’ve been released, they can’t be sold. Of course, those State Department resignations shouldn’t be linked to the sacking of all ambassadors. Imagine if that happened over here. It probably would, if the PTI came to power, and tried to bring about tabdeeli. No wonder Trump and Imran Khan are similar. Yeah, both believe in dharnas. Any other resemblance is purely coincidental. And Imran isn’t orange.

Another big difference is that Imran couldn’t ban anyone. Unlike Trump, who has banned all sorts of Muslims and caused chaos at airports. Now if you could ban people migrating… Probably wouldn’t work here, because migration is most commonly not by first obtaining an immigration visa and then going. It’s usually by going to the target country on a visit visa, burning one’s passport, playing hide-and-seek with the cops and praying for an amnesty.

It never rains but it pours. Literally. We actually had hail here, but still we didn’t have any of the freezing weather that winter implies. Once we could blame the weather on global warming, but now that Trump has revealed that as a Chinese conspiracy, that option is out. One would have had no objection to the mild weather, if it didn’t mean the monsoon would be unusually heavy…