KASUR: Police has registered a blasphemy case against a man at Sheikhum village, Sara-i-Mughal.

According to Abid Rasheed in his complaint lodged to the police said, the suspect had an argument with Saqib Sattar few days ago. During the argument, the suspect had apparently spoken derogatory remarks about a companion of the Prophet. According to the FIR, the accuser said that the suspect later repented for the words that he had uttered.

Sara-i-Mughal police registered the case under section 295-A and 298-A of PPC and arrested him. The suspect is a 20-year-old man and by occupation is a tailor.

In another case, City Phoolnagar police registered a blasphemy case against a man and arrested him. Qamarudin Noorani, general secretary of Sunni Ulema Council, Jamia Masjid Siddiquia was the complainant. He said the suspect is 30-year-old and a fertiliser dealer. He had allegedly uploaded a picture and statement on a social media site carrying derogatory words regarding a religious personality. The case was registered under sections 295-A, 298-A and Cyber Crime Act 2016.