LOS ANGELES:- Kristen Stewart doesn’t have time to by attention to her fashion and so she has to employ a stylist to help her with her appearance. The 26-year-old actress admits she is very ‘’attracted to fashion’’ and though she has a huge say in her red carpet wear, she leaves choosing a selection of outfits to an expert she’s worked with since her teens as she just doesn’t have the time to pick clothes herself. She said: ‘’Nobody can style themselves because we have jobs to do. ‘’We’re working on other things.

‘’I have a really open and involved collaboration with my stylist.–WR


 I’m not remotely dressed vy someone.

‘’But I’ve been working with her since I was 13 so she can actually highlight who I am, rather than make me something else.

‘’I feel like I dress myself, but there’s no way I could do that alone, because I don’t have time to scour the world for the pieces.

‘’There’s a lot of material and clothes out there.