KANDHKOT - Poverty compels parents to send their children to work instead of schools.

Parents, particularly, find themselves helpless before the private sector schools, which charge heavy fees from them while in the public sector problems like lack of buildings for schools, poor condition of classrooms, furniture and toilets confront them.  These are the circumstances which force parents to prefer work over study for their children.

It was learnt from various sources that despite heavy budget for public sector schools and heavy fees at private schools , students are being deprived of the basic facilities such as clean washrooms, clean drinking water and even a lack of furniture. Hundreds of government and private schools across Kashmore lack infrastructure. It is reported that in several areas of Kashmore, Kandhkot and other parts of Sindh there are no classrooms and boundary walls at schools. Teachers are compelled to teach students in the open or under trees even in extreme weather conditions.

No proper sanitation arrangements have been made at various public sector and private sector schools. Maira and Abdul Samad are both students of 6th class. They told this scribed that cleanliness was a big problem at their school and classrooms are not cleaned on a regular basis.

Another student of high school, Javed Ahmed, said that cleanliness was a big issue; washrooms were not being cleaned on a regular basis. He said that there was also a shortage of chairs and tables and students sit on seats and tables on an hourly basis.

It is worth mentioning here that there is no proper monitoring system for schools.