It has been over 26 days since the PIA ATR crashed killing 47 people. One only hopes that the victims of this accident will have closure as they get to know reasons for occurrence of the accident. There is an 8 minute audio recording circulating on social media which contains contents of conversations in the cockpit. There is a female voice heard before the first call informing off the engine failure. Various private TV channels have also reported that three months before the accident, the Flight Operations had taken the ATR out of the Career Plan and hired pilots directly from outside.

PIA needs to overhaul its top management and so must CAA, being one of most profitable state owned organizations. Billions of rupees from tax payer funds have been given to keep afloat the national airline facing losses of over Rs250 Billion. The purpose of state owned airline is to provide safe and convenient air travel facility.


Peshawar, January 2.