The recent visit of PM to Davos has been termed as a successful one owing to a number of facts. Firstly, the WEF President, in his meeting, apprised PM of the opinions of world business leaders that they consider Pakistan a safe place for investment and due to economic development, Pakistan is ready to lead the regional connectivity initiative. Secondly, the Swiss Confederation President, offered to work in Pakistan on several hydro projects. Thirdly, Bill Gates expressed confidence over the efforts done by Pakistan to do away with polio. Fourthly, the Prime Minister of Pakistan highlighted the issue of Kashmir and bring into the notice of world leaders the atrocities done by India in IHK. Swiss President also lauded Pakistan’s role in providing refuge to Afghan refugees. These are not mere stories but facts confirmed by International and national media but like ever there are always some elements in our journalistic circle who are publishing and broadcasting fictitious story that PM was barred from speaking at WEF.

The Head of media (WEF) has also negated the fictitious story saying that PM has been invited by the WEF and his agenda was prepared in consultation with his office, keeping in mind their objectives and key priorities which included several meetings with key leaders from business and politics.

In fact, Pakistan is passing through a critical phase of history on account of India’s belligerency, Afghanistan’s ignorant attitude and due to internal Political and social issues. Government is striving best to tackle all internal and external Problems tactfully. All we need is to support in promoting positive image of Pakistan not to publicize fictitious and imaginary stories just to say that Lord Jones is dead when people never knew that Lord Jones was alive.


January, Lahore 27.