KARACHI -  City Mayor Wasim Akhtar has said the Sindh government should follow its own law and transfer the control of various departments to the Karachi Municipal Corporation (KMC).

He said that various departments were devolved to different districts and authorities so that Article 140-A of the constitution could be implemented.

He stated this during a reception in his honour by Mehboob Hassan of Union Club. Those who attended the programme included DMC Central Chairman Rehan Hashmi, DMC East Chairman Moeed Anwer, DMC Korangi Chairman Syed Nayyar Raza, KCCI President Shamim Firpu, Arts Council of Pakistan President Ahmed Shah, Yahya Polani, Nasim Gandhi, Shakil Aslam, Saleem Farooqui and representatives of different social and trade organisations.

The mayor said that all departments, which were renamed and changed into organisations, should be handed over to the KMC. He said the award of the provincial finance commission should be rationalised in line with population and problems of Karachi.

He said the cleaning work in some districts of Karachi was outsourced, but no contractor system was established in some other districts. This disturbed the entire sanitation system in the city.

He cited the example of developed countries and said that powers should be devolved to the grassroots so that City Council’s resolution in this connection could be implemented.

Earlier, Mehboob Hassan welcomed the mayor. He appreciated the cleanliness work, which had been carried out in the city.

KCCI President Shamim Firpu, ACP President Ahmed Shah, chairman of DMCs and others also expressed their views on this occasion.