LOS ANGELES -  Natalie Portman has paid tribute to Sir John Hurt, who she co-starred with in ‘V for Vendetta’ and ‘Jackie’.

She said: ‘’I’m so extremely sad to hear of John’s passing. I was lucky enough to make two films with him - both of which were taken to the next level because of his performances. He was the most talented actor, and also a deeply good and funny and poetic and smart and warm human being. I send my love to his family at this terrible time, and join his fans in watching his films that we are lucky enough to have forever.’’

‘Jackie’ director Pablo Larraín added to Entertainment Weekly: ‘’John was invincible. Unflinching. Eternal.’’

A number of other stars have also paid tribute to the star, with Mel Brooks tweeting: ‘’I was terribly sad to learn of John Hurt’s passing. He was truly a magnificent talent ... No one could have played The Elephant Man more memorably. He carried that film into cinematic immortality. He will be sorely missed. (sic)’’

Bonnie Wright, who played Ginny Weasley alongside Hurt’s wand-making alter-ego Garrick Ollivander in ‘Harry Potter’, simply wrote: ‘’John Hurt. What an acting legend. Rest in peace dear Sir. Wand shopping won’t be the same without you. (sic)’’

David Schneider starred alongside Hurt in 1999’s ‘You’re Dead’ and said he was so taken by him he forgot his lines.

He wrote: ‘’Sad re John Hurt. I was in a film with him and he was so mesmerising I kept forgetting to act and just watched him. A genius & lovely man (sic)’’

‘Lost Boys’ star Kiefer Sutherland said: ‘’My deepest sympathies to John Hurt’s family friends and fans. He was a dear friend. (sic)’’

Sharon Stone said: ‘’God speed to John Hurt, a legendary and good human being (sic)’’

And 59-year-old screenwriter Richard E. Grant wrote: ‘’So so sad to have lost such an extraordinary talent and friend. Sir John Hurt R.I.P. (sic)’’