PESHAWAR -  Jan Jakubco of Slovakia took over the lead on the second day of the Malam Jabba International Alpine Ski Cup being held at the scenic resort of Malam Jabba, Swat.

Slovakian and Ukrainian skiers outclassed their rivals in both men and women categories in the historical international event. Jakubco won the first position in the second race of men’s giant slalom category, while Ivan Kovasnkyuk and Vasyle Telychuk of Ukraine remained second and third respectively.

In the second race of women giant slalom category, Ukraine proved invincible again as two Ukraine skiers Tetyana Tikun and Anastasia Gorbunova earned the first and second positions. Pakistani talented international skier Ifrah Wali had a wonderful race and finished third in the category.

The slalom races also resumed on Sunday as in the first race of men slalom category, Jakubco again showed his skills and secured first position, while Ivan Kovasnkyuk and Vasyle Telychuk of Ukraine won the second and third positions respectively. In women slalom category, Pakistani female skiers dominated over their rivals. Ifrah Wali won the first position while Fatima Sohail and Zainab Sohail were second and third respectively.