ISLAMABAD - Senator Rehman Malik on Sunday said that Pakistan was facing the continuing challenge of terrorism.

Malik, while  delivering a speech on “Current Affairs and Global Threat of Terrorism” at the concluding session of the United Nations Conference in University College London, UK, urged the global community to focus their attention on the problems facing terrorism-stricken countries particularly Pakistan.

He said that it was time to realise and “admit if we as a state, organisation or individual had made any mistake in the past for which today the whole world is facing terrorism and extremism.”

Malik said that terrorist groups were still growing because of ineffective checks.

He said that the invasions by those who believed in “might is right” and their undue attacks against sovereign states for geo-political gains had not only created terrorism but also strengthened their nefarious ideology.  Malik said that those interferences included invasion of East Pakistan when India illegally interfered in Pakistan’s internal affairs and got Pakistan divided into two parts; invasions of Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq, Libya and Syria.

He said that South Asian region was destabilised by breaking Pakistan and thereafter invasion of Afghanistan pushed the whole region towards instability.

Adding the proxy war of two world powers fought in Afghanistan, which gave rise to semi-permanent structure of terrorists, which evolved in the shape of Taliban and follies by Al-Qaeda were both by-products of Afghanistan invasion, said Senator Rehman Malik.

He said that the international community did not learn any lesson from the creation of jihadis in Afghanistan, which became the source of terrorism from Manila to New York.

Malik said that the same Yousaf Ramzi planned to kill the Pope and then attempted to blow World Trade Centre and later on his uncle completed his mission in 9/11 whereas both were trained with jihadis brought in Afghanistan and “both were employees of Red Crescent Kuwait”.

“I would like to state, the details what Ramzi had stated during his interrogation and whatever he stated before authorities are on record of American FBI,” he said.  “Abu Baker Baghdadi was deliberately allowed to gain strength so he could fight against Shias. The attempt to dislodge the Syrian regime by creation of Daesh has now seen it having grown into a monster,” Malik said.

He asked the secretary-general of the UN that why had the world failed to reprimand the world powers for invading Afghanistan time and again. “I feel that the UNO is losing the trust of the world and hence UNO has to redefine its role of real monitoring to bring peace back to the world,” the senator said.