Releasing tension by cigarette


Releasing tension by cigarette is it truth or myth? In our society, there are many problems. Smoking cigarette is also a big problem. Two days ago, I met some people who use smoke cigarette on a daily basis. They told me that they smoke cigarettes daily, but cigarette is not the best source for releasing tension. It means it’s a myth. But our youth’s thinking is totally different. 

Our youth thinks that the cigarette is fashion. Therefore, they smoke cigarettes like a film hero. As well they pound to use cigarette. On the other hand some European thinks that” The stress relief you get from smoking comes from the act of taking time out to smoke a cigarette and from the chemical actions of nicotine in your brain. If you return to the scene of the stressful event after you finish your cigarette, it doesn’t take long before the tension comes back and you need another cigarette. So, in the end, we said Smoking is only a temporary solution for handling stress, tension, or depression. The only way to truly control the stress in your life is to identify what causes stress for you and learn how to change the way you react to stressful events and situations. 


Lahore, January 9. 

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