SHIKARPUR - The newly-elected body of Shikarpur Bachayo Tehreek for 2018 took oath at a local marriage hall, here on Monday.

Former MNA Dr Muhammad Ibrahim Jatoi, Agha Taimoor Khan Pathan, former PPP MPA and others including Dr Aamir Abbas Soomro, Sardar Sikandar Khan Kakepota and Haji Shoukat Baloch attended the ceremony.

The elected members including Chairman Mian Zafar Alvi, Vice Chairman Ali Asghar Pahore, General Secretary Ali Ahmed Buriro, Joint GS Asadullah Soomro, Press Secretary Zahid Bhanbhro, Professor Parkash Lal, Treasurer Zahid Pahore, office secretary took oath and vowed they would struggle for welfare of the Shikarpur city. Speaking on the occasion, former MNA Dr Muhammad Ibrahim Jatoi said: “People of Shikarpur are facing several challenges including sanitation, SSGC and power loadshedding, terrorism, and other civic issues.”

Jatoi vowed to support Shikarpur Bachayo Tehreek for betterment of the city. Agha Taimoor Khan Pathan, the former PPP provincial minister, who recently joined Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA) also assured the elected committee of his legal and moral support for Shikarpur.

The precious property of Shikarpur including Shahi Bagh, Dong Wari Ispatal, Sir Henry Holland Eye Hospital and other properties were occupied by land mafia, he alleged.

Dr Amar Abbas Soomro also criticised the dilapidated condition of the city. Qari Mujeebur Rahman Madni, founder Bachayo Tehreek, said that seven years ago the people of Shikarpur were gripped in fear and nobody had courage to talk against influential persons. “Now the situation has changed altogether and people are raising their voices against injustices in the society,” he held. He claimed that the Tehreek removed the atmosphere of fear from Shikarpur.

Several notables including Advocate Zafar Ali Channa, Sultan Rind, Abdul Wahab Kagzi and others attended the ceremony.